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Glow in the Dark Jewelry

Supplies Required:

•Glow in the dark polymer clay

•Craft rolling pin (or pasta maker) and sharp knife

•Rubber stamps and inks

•Ribbon, cord and earring findings as required

•Pliers to fit findings if required


1.Condition the polymer clay (see How to Condition Polymer Clay for more information)

2.Roll the polymer clay into a sheet of about 1/4" thick

3.Cut shapes from the polymer clay to make pendants and earrings (you could use cookie cutters to cut shapes of a consistent size)

4.Pierce a hole so that the shapes can be attached to earrings or a pendant cord

5.Bake the polymer clay according to the manufacturers instructions

6.When the clay is cool, stamp an image

7.Attach findings or thread a cord through the necklace and enjoy!