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Glass Pearl Earring

What you will need:

2 pearls (I am using 12mm glass pearls)

a pair of earwires

3 bead caps

2 headpins

glass glue


small piece of Styrofoam

2 pins

flat-nose pliers, round-nose pliers and wire cutters


1) Cut and separate the leaves from a bead cap.

2) Set the pearls in place on the Styrofoam with pins. Place bead caps and glue them on each pearl. Wait until the glue is set.

3) Glue the leaves on the pearls.

4) Add some rhinestones, and set aside until the glue is set.

5) Place the head pins, and bend them at 90 degrees angle.

6) Using round-nose pliers, bend the pins into loops.

7) Assemble the loops to the earwires, and you are done!