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Girly and Geeky Earrings

Let’s start with the girly set.

For your set you’ll need:

a pair of hoop earrings

ribbon or fabric


wire – I used 26 gauge

thread or glue

some basic pliers

I don’t do much in the way of jewelry making – but I did invest in a little pliers set. I think it was $20 and it zips up and has pretty much everything I need.

I started with an old set of hoops. I am sure you have an old set lying around that has tarnished but you haven’t gotten rid of them. Maybe in the back of your jewelry case. I bet you do. :)

I actually have two pairs haha. I used the larger set for these because my pearls were a little too big for the small set.

To wrap around the earrings I cut about 18″ of ribbon in half – so one side would be raw edges.

I cut about 5 inches of wire and started wrapping the pearls on the hoops. The 3 pearls on the outside are wrapped on the outside of the hoop and the three pearls on the back are wrapped on the inside of the hoop.

(Yes. I need a manicure. And some lotion. Embarassing. Don’t you love my backdrop? It’s a pillow. We’re seriously fancy here.)

Just keep wrapping and put a little space between the pearls for the ribbon.

Once the pearls are wired on, you can begin wrapping the ribbon. I stayed away from glue because clumsy and car bound don’t mix, but you could do that. I sewed the ribbon on tightly and then started wrapping it around the hoop.

Keep wrapping and overlapping the ribbon until the hoop is all covered. I then knotted and sewed down the end but you could also glue it.

Before you get too far on the second hoop – take a break and have some fake oreos. Don’t want to overexert yourself.

Ahh. Better. Now we can get back to wrapping.

Aren’t they cute?

Ok – enough of girly – let’s get to geeky.

Here’s the materials:

  • 2 great beads
  • head pins
  • small beads
  • earring wires

I found these great beads at Michael’s and fell in love with them.

I don’t claim to be a jewelry expert by any means – so if I can do this – you can. And there’s probably better ways to do this but this is how I did it.  :)

Start with your head pin – that’s the one with the end on it – and thread on the small beads.

Wrap the head pin wire around the rounded pliers to make a loop.

Trim of the end and open up the loop sideways. Slip on the large bead and close the loop.

Open up the loop on the earring wire – again sideways – and slip on the loop on top of the bead.

Close the loop and your earring is finished! Can’t get too much easier. :)

Repeat for the other earring – and then you’re all done! Two sets of earrings for two different moods. Love it,