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Garnet Bicone


1) Cut 30 inches of silk bead cord. (Necklace is actually 15 inches when finished, not including clasp.)

2) Thread bead cord through beading needle and pull cord, closing loop.

3) Thread bead cord through bead tip, tie knot, put 1 drop of glue on knot and close bead tip.

4) Attach bead tip loop to one side of the clasp, using round nose pliers to close loop.

5) Tie knot at first 1 inch interval, then do first segment of beadwork as follows:

6) Start your beadwork.

1 Hematite Bead

1 Flat Flower Bead

1 Swarovksi Garnet Bicone

1 Flat Flower Bead

1 Hematite

To Finish.

7) Tie knot (slipping knot as close to last hematite bead as possible.)

8) Leave 1 inch of cord visible and tie and next knot.

9) Repeat Steps 5-7 eight more times.

10) Leave final inch of cord.

11) Repeat Steps 3-4.