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Flower Pin

You will need:

8 x 10mm acrylic offset lentils in each of the following colours: red, yellow, orange, pink and purple

0.6mm silver plated wire

1.2mm silver plated wire

Round nose pliers and wire cutters. Hammer and block if you have one.

1. With a 10cm length of 0.6mm wire, thread one lentil and bend the wire down on both sides. The short end of the wire needs to be at the front of the lentil.

2. Thread one lentil onto the long length of wire so that the lentil is pointing downwards at about five cllock. Bend the long length of wire upwards to about one clock.

3. Flip the bead just added upwards so that it partially overlaps the previous bead. The long length of wire will now be pointing downwards at about six clock.

4. Repeat steps 2-3, making a circle of beads, until you have a flower shape with eight lentil beads.

5. Twist the two lengths of wire together. Do not trim, as you will use these ends to attach to your pin. Make five flowers in total, one in each colour.

6. To make the pin, use a 25cm length of 1.2mm wire. About 2cm from one end of the wire and using the very end of your round nose pliers, make a hook shape. Trim the short end so that it measures approximately 5mm.

7. Measure 1cm from the hook and bend the long length of wire at 90 degrees. About 8cm from the 90 degree bend, bend the wire downwards. Take the long length of wire and catch behind the hook you made in step 6. Trim 1cm from the hook.

Bend the pin latching part of wire outwards slightly. Harden the pin with a chasing hammer.

8. The pin is designed so that the flowers lay on the side of the pin as opposed to the front. Decide on the order of flower colours. Position the first flower at the top and wind the spare 0.6mm ends around the pin. Trim any excess wire.

9. Place another flower beneath the flower just added, overlapping it slightly. Attach as in step 8. Attach the remaining flowers to the pin so that the last flower is positioned over the hook.