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Flattening a Wire Form

Step 1

Choose a wire form. We chose a Wig Jig wire form.

Step 2

Place the wire form on the bench block.

Step 3

Hold the wire form down with your finger. If you do not feel comfortable holding the wire form with your finger, you may place a small piece of tape along the edge to keep it in place.

Step 4

Hammer one half of your wire form away from your finger or tape.

Step 5

Move your finger or tape to the other end of the wire form.

Step 6

Hammer the remaining half of your wire form.

Step 7

Flattening the wire form has lengthened and slightly changed the look of the wire form.

Step 8

Using chain nose pliers squeeze the wire closer together to get the form back to its original look.

Step 9

Congratulations! You have now flattened a wire form.