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Firecracker Bracelet Project

If you want to wear something different for July 4th, check out our loomwork seed bead bracelet.

1) Cut 20 equal lengths of Kevlar Cord. Try to make these about20-24" long. Separate each thread into their individual grooves on thespacer bar at the top of the loom (the spacer bar furthest from you). Make sureyou leave a 6-8" tail with the cord. When you have them all separated,take a small piece of tape and place it over all of the threads on the otherside of the spacer bar. Take the cord tails and lift off the small strip ofwood on the warp peg furthest from you. (If you are using another type ofbeading loom, you may only have to wrap the tails around the warp peg, there isno small strip of wood used to hold the cord tails in place). Wrap the end ofthe cord tails around the warp peg and replace the small strip of wood to holdthe cords tails in place. (You should use a strip of tape to wrap around thewarp peg to make sure that the wood strip doesn't pop out when you're looming).

2) Pull the cordingdown through the other spacer bar (closest to you). Make sure that the cordingis nice and straight, and then use another piece of tape to secure the cordingas it comes through the spacer bar. Pop the small strip of wood off of theclosest warp peg, and then take the cord tail ends (there will be a substantialamount of excess cord on this end, don't worry) and wrap them around the warppeg. Re-insert the strip of wood, and use a couple of pieces to secure thisstrip of wood on the loom.

3) Tighten thescrews on the top warp peg. Roll the bottom warp peg so that the warp cordstighten up along the loom. Make sure that the warp thread are tight, but nottwang tight. They should bounce back if pressed on, but not so loose the cordsstayed relaxed. Tighten up these screws, and your're ready to loom.

4) Cut a 2yrdlength of Kevlar cord from the spool (two arm lengths). Wrap the end of thecording around the leftmost warp thread, and tie it down with a couple ofoverhand knots. Thread the cord behind all of the warp threads, and thread aneedle onto the cording. Pick up the necessary bead to make up row #1 on thedesign and press the beads up through each of the warp threads. Take the needlearound and back through the beads the were threaded on, the time though, overthe top of the warp threads. This is what will hold the beads in place. Thecord is now referred to as the "weft" thread.

5) Continue withthe pattern until you are done. When you have all of your beads loomed on,secure the weft thread by going back through three to five rows (refer to thevideo "How to use a Bead Loom" if you need help with this). Don't cutoff any of the warp threads just yet, as you need to secure each of these cordsin your loomwork before doing so.

6) Starting withthe warp cord end of the right (it doesn't matter if it's at the top or bottomof the design), thread on the needle and take this warp cord through the twoseed beads directly underneath this, left to right. Then, take the needlethrough the two seed beads directly under the previous two, and the next twounder that. Go back and forth for about six to seven rows, pull the needle offthe warp cord and then cut the cording away from the work, no knot necessary.

7) Repeat step #6for each of the warp threads on both ends, leaving the middle two threads tosecure the toggle clasp.

8) Looking at thetwo unsecured warp cords on one end of the bracelet, take one of the cords andthread on six of the cobalt seed beads. Thread on one half of the Toggle Claspand make a loop around the connector loop on the Toggle. Pull so that theToggle Clasp is next to the cobalt seed beads threaded on. Thread on six moreof the cobalt seed beads, and then take this cording on the zig-zag pattern asyou did with all of the other warp cords, but go as far as you can with thiscord. Remove the needle and the excess cord, no knot used here either. With theremaining unsecured warp cord on this end of the bracelet, go through six ofthe already strung cobalt seed beads leading up to the connector loop on theToggle Clasp, make another loop around this connector, and then back downthrough the other six cobalt seed beads. Like before, take this cord on thezig-zag pattern through the bracelet as far as you can go with it. Pull off theneedle and remove the excess cord.

9) Repeat step #8for the other end of the bracelet. When complete, double check your work andmake sure that all of the tails in your loomwork are removed so that your workis nice and clean. Nice Job!!

Quantity of Items Needed
1 Fire Line BeadCord Fine .008" (50-Yd) (A)
1 Tube of MiyukiDelica Seed Bead 11/0 Copper Lined Transparent Cobalt (B)
1 Tube of MiyukiDelica Seed Bead 11/0 Silver Lined Opal (C)
1 Tube of MiyukiDelica Seed Bead 11/0 Silver Lined Brick Red (D)
1 Toggle Clasp Star25x19mm Sterling Silver (E)