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Finishing ICE Resin - Filing

Step 1

Choose a finished molded ICE resin piece. We chose one from an earring resin mold.

Step 2

The piece you choose should have raised edges that need to be filed down.

Step 3

For this technique you will need a fine grit sandpaper or file as well as a buffer.

Step 4

Using the fine grit sand paper or file gently begin filing the back edges of your molded ICE Resin piece.

Step 5

Continue filing until the edges are evenly filed down.

Step 6

After you have filed down the edges take your buffer and start buffing to smooth out the edges of the molded resin piece. Start with the green side of the block to even out the edges.

Step 7

Continue using the buffer in color order, the pink side of the block will be the last step in the buffing process.

Step 8

Your molded resin piece is now completely filed and buffed. The back of the piece should have smooth rounded edges when completed.

Step 9

Congratulations! You have now finished your molded ICE Resin piece using the filing technique.