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Finishing ICE Resin - Doming

Step 1

Mix a small batch of resin. For more detailed instructions see Using ICE Resin with Bezel Pendants Technique.

Step 2

Choose a finished molded ICE resin piece. We chose an oval shape from a resin mold.

Step 3

Add the same color you used for the molded resin piece. We are using two drops of red opague pigment.

Step 4

Using a stir stick start mixing the pigment with the ICE Resin.

Step 5

You have now added color to your ICE Resin to match the molded resin piece.

Step 6

Place your molded resin piece on a flat work surface with the back facing up.

Step 7

Slowly begin to pour the ICE Resin over the back of the molded resin piece.

Step 8

Using a stir stick gently guide the ICE Resin over the molded resin piece until it is evenly covered. Make sure the ICE Resin goes all the way to the edges.

Step 9

Let the ICE Resin fully cure for a minimum of three days.

Step 10

Congratulations! You have now finished your molded ICE Resin piece using the doming technique.