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Filigree Butterfly Necklace

In here, you can find something that will let you relax. A beautiful necklace for girls.
- 2 antique brass sixteen daisy plate filigree, 36 x 36 mm
- 1 naked brass filigree butterfly
- 13 inches of antique brass sparkle chain, 2 x 1.5 mm
- 7 links of antique brass medium knurled oval chain, 8 x 5 mm
- 36 inches Satin gold .012 Beadalon beading wire
- 3 assorted plastic flowers
- 3 assorted fire polished glass beads, 6-8 mm
- 13 satin blue faceted glass beads, 3 x 6 mm
20 gauge wire

Wire cutters
Round nose pliers
Flat nose pliers
Chain nose pliers

Step 1: Thread beads onto butterfly

Picture of Thread beads onto butterfly
Using your flat nose pliers bend the naked brass butterfly wings upward as shown. Thread a 8 inch section of the beading wire through the butterfly and use the beading wire to stitch the faceted beads onto the body of the butterfly as shown. Knot the end securely and trim the knot. Set aside the beaded butterfly.

Step 2: Thread flowers and beads onto daisy plate

Picture of Thread flowers and beads onto daisy plate
Using a 10 inch section of the beading wire stitch the plastic flowers and fire polished glass beads to one corner of the daisy plate filigree as shown. Knot securely. Position the beaded butterfly on the opposite corner of the daisy plate. Using an 8 inch section of the beading wire stitch the butterfly to the daisy plate as shown. Trim all knots.

Step 3: Attach daisy plates together

Picture of Attach daisy plates together
Turn your work face down so you can see all the knots on the back. Place the second daisy plate over the back to cover the knots and stitching.  Using the remaining beading wire stitch around the edge of both plates to secure them to one another as shown.  Trim the knot.

Step 4: Assemble bead chain and attach

Picture of Assemble bead chain and attach
Using your chain and flat nose pliers assemble the bead chain as shown.