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Fabric Flower Hair Clip

Real cute fabric flowers made from felt.

Step 1: what you need

Picture of what you need
Needed Items
*paper and 5 quarters (to make the template)
*lots of colors of felt (make sure you get yellow for the flower center)
*needle and thread
*hot glue gun
*hair clips finding, or pins for the backing

Step 2: Create template

Picture of Create template
Make the template. You need a five petal flower. If like me, you can't freehand anything, quarters work great!

Step 3: Cut out pattern

Picture of Cut out pattern
Cut 4 flowers (per hair clip) and 2 yellow circles for the center.

Step 4: Create flower

Picture of Create flower
flower (4).jpg
flower (3).jpg
The Tough part. O.k, not really.
It's just like folding a cardboard box, but with felt, and fake petals.

Step 5: Create flower part 2

Picture of Create flower part 2
When its all folded, it should look like this...one half of each petal should be showing.

Step 6: Sew

Picture of Sew
Sew all petals together.

Step 7: Sew yellow circles

Picture of Sew yellow circles

Sew both yellow circles together

Step 8: Sew flower center onto flower

Picture of Sew flower center onto flower
Sew flower center onto flower.
Make sure to only sew through the first layer of the center.
You don't want to see the stitches.

Step 9: Hot glue backing on

Picture of Hot glue backing on
Hot glue a hair clip or a pin to the back of the flower.

Step 10: Your done!

Picture of Your done!

Make a lot so they match all your outfits,
then wear them around and look so so cute.