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Estate Jewelry

Interestingly, the term "Estate jewelry" does not just refer to jewelry that has come from an estate, but includes wonderful pieces that have been previously owned and, as we like to say "pre-loved".

In the late Victorian era (1885-1901), clothing became lighter, so jewelry took on a more delicate look. This era featured lots of sapphires and diamond jewelry, with tiaras and jeweled hair ornaments.

The Art Deco era (1920-1930) was a time when world travel became more frequent and skyscrapers were built. Elegance came back to life, so diamonds were the gems of choice. This was also the glitzy era of the "The Great Gatsby".

In the Retro Era (1940-1950), style, flair and panache prevailed in bold jewelry designs as women joined the work force outside the home. Explosive, wild designs took off at this highly innovative and creative time.

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