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Easy Triangle Briolette Earrings


1) Open up the loop on one D and one A.

2) Take two 1/2" pieces of B and attach one end of each to the A. Take the Jump Ring that has the two lengths of chain on it and attach to the loop of C. Close A after attaching everything.

3) Attach the open loop of D to one of the other ends of either one of the B that are attached to the earring. Close the loop on D after doing this.

To Finish.

4) Thread on one E onto D. Using plier, create a simple loop with the other end of the eye pin. Before you close the loop, attach the end of the remaining length of B. After doing that, then you can close the loop.

5) Repeat all of the above steps to create the other earring.

Products Used in this Project

Jump Ring - Open 4mm Gold Plated

Curb Chain 16" 2mm Gold Color 

French Hook Wire With Bead & Spring Gold Plated 

Gold Filled Eye Pin 1" 24 gauge  

Swarovski Flat Briolette 6012 11x10mm Ruby