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Easy Seed Bead DIY Earrings

earning bead weaving techniques can seem a bit daunting. But this DIY earrings project is really easy and will get you started on the right track. Did I mention these easy seed bead DIY earrings are perfect for those go-to, daily earrings that match everything? Yup. Let’s get started!

Supplies needed to make your own seed bead DIY earrings:


Step 1. Cut a piece of beading thread about two feet long. You won’t use all of this but as a beginner, it really helps to have extra thread to work with. It keeps all the beads from falling off as you work. (1.5 feet would probably be okay.)

Step 2. At the end of your thread, tie on a stopper bead, which will prevent your other beads from sliding off that end of the thread. To do this, you will place a bead on the thread and then pass the end of the thread back through the other side of the bead. (See photo for detail.) Do this twice.Easy-seed-bead-DIY-earrings-Crafts-Unleashed-4

Step 3. String 12 more beads on. Including the stopper bead, you should have thirteen beads. Just for explanation purposes, keep the end of your thread to the left and the long piece that you are working with in your right hand.

Step 4. String 5 more beads on but keep them separate from the original 12.

Step 5. Now, go back to the original 13 beads (let’s call this our ‘working line’). Starting from the right, count five beads in on the working line.

Step 6. Pass the right end of the thread through the fifth bead on the working line. There is already thread there so be careful to place your thread below the existing thread. This is where I find it super handy to use a beading needle. Easy-seed-bead-DIY-earrings-Crafts-Unleashed-6

Step 7. Now that you’ve created your first loop, you’ll need to repeat that two more times. String five beads and pass the thread through every fifth bead on the working line. Now, keep in mind that you start counting with the bead that you’ve just passed through. So an easy way to think about it is that you’ll have three beads between every loop. See that in the photo?

Step 8. Once you have all three loops completed, you will close the entire DIY earrings design. Pass your thread back through the thirteenth bead on the working line (on the working line, it’s the last bead on the right). If you’ve done this correctly, you will have three loops of five beads each.

Step 9. You want to make sure the DIY earrings design will stay shut. So pass through those last two beads a twice, pulling them together tightly. Then cut the ends of the threads and work those into the beads so they are hidden.

Step 10. Use pliers to open a jump ring and slide the last two beads onto the jump ring, further securing the design.Easy-seed-bead-DIY-earrings-Crafts-Unleashed-10

Step 11. Cut two lengths of chain. At least 2 inches each, more if you want longer earrings. You’ll save one length for your second earring. It’s just easiest to cut them both at the same time so you know they are the same length.

Step 12. Fold a length of chain in half and slide onto the jump ring. Close the jump ring with pliers. Finish by putting the chain on an earring hook. Easy-seed-bead-DIY-earrings-Crafts-Unleashed-12

Step 13. Repeat the process one more time to create a second earring. (Except Step 11 because you already cut the chain needed for a second earring.)

So you just learned the beginning of the netting stitch. With the netting stitch, you would keep adding to the pattern so that it looks like lattice. It’s often used for making fancy bracelets. It is not used in this way and it’s never closed up in a circle like we just did. However, I think the lacy lattice look was perfect for these DIY earrings.