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Easy Holiday Hair Bows

Our Crazy Loops Bow Tutorial is so easy! You can even use up scraps and make this bow for any holiday or season.

Ok, lets craft!

Determine the size of bow you are going to make. I wanted a really big statement bow, so I cut my piece of ribbon long. You can always trim it down! You will fold this piece in thirds!

Fold ribbon in thirds by bringing both sides in at equal amounts.

Insert needle through center point and with a knot at the end of the thread, pull needle and thread all the way through until the knot is tight against the ribbon.

Fold ribbon accordion style with fingers.
Wrap thread around center of bow and pull tight, tight, tight…but be careful not to break your thread.

Make a couple of stitches in the back and tie off.

Wahoo! One layer done!

Repeat the above steps with your remaining ribbon. You can make as many layers as you want.

I continued to make each layer a little smaller than the last to give a nice layered look.

Wrap ribbon around all layers (remember to pull tight), take a few stitches in the back to ensure all layers are secure. Tie off.

Wrap a small piece of ribbon around the center of the bow and hot glue!

To add a little festive touch to my bow, I used one piece of Korker Ribbon cut into small pieces and created a miniature Korker Bow to finish off my Holiday Hair Bow!

What do you think? Super cute and super easy!

You can now, attach your fun bow to a headband or clip. For this bow, I choose to attach my big bow to a headband.

I simply cut two sides off of a couple of felt circles and hot glued one to the back of my bow.

I hot glued my headband to the felt circle and topped the headband with my remaining felt circle. I wanted my bow to be front facing but have fun with your headband and bow and glue them together however you desire!


To make the second bow, I followed the exact same steps above. However, I wanted this bow to be a little bit smaller so I could attach it to a clip instead so I cut smaller pieces of ribbon and used a smaller width for each layer.

Dressing up for the holidays is so much fun and with this fun bow atop those cute little heads, your Christmas attire will be complete and perfect for all of your festivities! Here are a few more fun and festive Christmas hair bows and accessories that will look great with your holiday attire…