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Easter Bunny Hair Clip

        This tutorial aims to tell you an interesting way on how to make an Easter bunny hair clip for baby girls.

        Things needed in making Easter bunny hair clip:

         Pink 0.3mm Nylon threads
         Yellow 0.3mm Nylon threads
         Black 0.3mm Nylon threads
         White 0.3mm Nylon threads
         Sewing Needle
         Felt sheet
         Hair clip findings

         materials and tools needed for making Easter bunny hair clip


        Step 1: prepare the front side of bunny.

        1st, print out the bunny pattern and tailor the pieces on felt sheet; each bunny should have 2 pieces for front and back sides;
        2nd, cut out circular white felt piece as bunny’s tail and sew it to a bunny’s bottom part;
        3rd, use black thread to make eyes.

        prepare the front side of bunny

      Step 2: complete the felt bunny.

      1st, use whip stitch to sew an ear to the back piece of bunny;
      2nd, evenly align the front piece with back one and sew them together to make a full bunny.

      complete the felt bunny

     Step 3: sew the bunny to clip.

     1st, cut a butterfly bow and sew it to the middle of bunny’s neck;
     2nd, attach bunny’s back to hair clip and beware of poking thread through front side.

     sew the bunny to clip

     Now, here we have successfully finished this lovely Easter bunny hair clip. I believe that your little girl will like it. You can also feel free to guide her to make it at home.