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Earrings date all the way back to ancient times where they were used for special ornamentation, made of precious metals and sometimes with coral, stones or glass. It wasn't until the Renaissance period, when people started wearing their hair shorter, that earrings really took off as a cultural trend. Today, earrings come in a variety of styles, shapes, and materials and are worn by people all over the world.


Stud earrings are an on-the-ear style and usually feature a stationary ornament, such as a solitary stone or singular metal shape. Stud earrings are great basics and work for a more refined, sophisticated look. But if you want to add some pizzazz, slip some earring jackets over your studs to transform their look.

Hoop earrings are just as the name expresses - a hoop that circles from front to back, around the ear. Small basic hoop earrings and huggie hoops are perfect for everyday wear, while larger embellished hoop earrings are great for special occasions and bold style.

Drop earrings are earrings that fall below the ear, either stationary or swinging from a jump ring. They appear in a variety of silhouettes such as dangle, chandelier, and tassel. If you are looking for something a little dressy, drop earrings are a great choice; of course, there are some causal drops, as well.

Earring Backs

The most common earring back is a post/clutch, which has a post insert and a slide-on clutch backing to hold it in place.

Pieced screws provide a similar look but with a screw post insert and a backing that twists on to safely secure the earring.

Hinged posts also have a straight post insert, but with a hinged backing to hold it in place.

Snap-bars, a variation of the hinged post, "snap" into a clamp for extra security.

Earwires, sometimes called "shepherd's hooks" or "fishhooks," are a thin, hook-shaped wire earring backs. They thread onto the ear and can sometimes be squeezed into place or held on with a rubber clutch.

Leverbacks provide a similar dangling look with a hook-shaped insert and a hinged lever.

Clip/posts feature a post insert and a clip mechanism to secure the earring. The post can be removed by a jeweler to convert the earrings to clip.

Clip-on earrings are easy to put on and are perfect for people without pierced ears. They rely on tension and friction to securely hold the earring in place.

Non-pierced screws are backings that provide a custom fit for an earring, using a clamp mechanism that tightens by twisting a screw in the back.


Our earrings are made with quality metals to ensure their beauty and longevity. Precious metals, including platinum,yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, are used in more luxurious and high end pieces. Gold karats range from 10kt-18kt.

For a luxurious look at a more affordable price, we also offer earrings in sterling silver and gold over silver (also known as vermeil) which comes in yellow, white, or rose tones ranging from 14kt-24kt.

For even more budget-friendly designs, our Via fashion earrings are featured in gold plate, silver plate, as well as goldtone and silvertone base metals.


Our earrings are decorated with almost any ornamentation imaginable. This includes diamonds and CZ stones, genuine precious and semi-precious gemstones, pearl and shell, crystal and enamel, and even engraving and texturing.

For a bold, fresh look, go for colorful cabochons and multi-gemstone styles. If you're in need of a little sparkle, diamonds, CZ stones, and crystals are the way to go. Looking for something classic? Try pearls or basic texturing.