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EZ Threaders


1) Take one D and thread one B and one A.

2) Cut excess wire off D with plier. (Makre sure to leave 3/8")

3) Make a loop using plier. Before closing the loop completely, attach to the looped end of C.

To Finish.
4) Secure loop closed with plier.

5) Repeat these steps to create other earring.
Products Used in this Project

Swarovski Chaton Bead Cap Sterling Plated 7mm Silk (4-Pcs)--A

Swarovski Diagonal Cube Bead 5600 6mm Olivine (1-Pc)--B

Ear Threads Box Chain with Open Ring Sterling Silver (1-Pc)--C

Head Pin 1" 24 Gauge Sterling Silver (1-Pc)--D