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Doctor Who Bow Necklace

This necklace design is very simple to make and requires few materials.

Step 1:


1. Needle and Thread, the color of the thread doesn't matter as it will not visible

2. 1.5" inch ribbon, at least 25 inches of it. 19 for the bow and 6 for the middle.

3. Chain that goes with your ribbon. I chose gunmetal to go with the dark red and silver to go with the black personally.

4. Clasps, I'm a big fan of the magnetic ones

5. Two jump rings or some wire and a pen

6. Wire Cutters

Step 2:

See what I mean about how quick it is? Don't be surprised if you end up making more than one.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable, and I would love to see your versions of the necklace if you choose to make it.