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Diva Cord Clasp - Option 1

Step 1

Grasp one knotted end of a finished woven cord.

Step 2

About one-half inch from the knot on the long side of the cord, apply a generous dab of glue all the way around the cord. Cover about one-quarter inch of the cord. We are using Hypo Tube Cement.

Step 3

Allow the glue to dry completely. The glue helps prevent fraying.

Step 4

Using wire cutters, cut an 8-inch length of wire. Place the wire parallel against the cord. About 2 inches of wire should extend past the glued area (pointing in the direction of the long end of the cord). The rest of the wire should rest against the glued area (pointing in the direction of the short tail end of the cord).

Step 5

Bring the 2-inch portion of wire up around the longer part of the wire.

Step 6

Tightly wrap the wire around the cord toward the knot with each coil next to the other.

Step 7

Wrap at least 5 coils, covering the glue.

Step 8

Using wire cutters, cut the tail end of the wire.

Step 9

Using chain nose pliers, tuck in the remaining tip of wire so that the sharp end is not exposed.

Step 10

Using scissors, cut the knot and remaining cord at the end of the coiled wire.

Step 11

Your cord should now be cut off right by the coiled wire.

Step 12

Place one cone or cap onto the wire, wider end facing the cord.

Step 13

Slide the cone down so that it is covering the coiled wire and the end of the cord.

Step 14

Begin making a wire wrapped loop with the remaining wire. Refer to the Wire Wrapping Technique.

Step 15

Before completing the loop, attach one side of the clasp.

Step 16

Finish the wire wrap by wrapping the wire down to the cone.

Step 17

Cut off the excess wire.

Step 18

One side is finished.

Step 19

Repeat steps 1-18 to finish the other end of the cord.