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Diamond Knot Bacelet Weave

As we know, diamond knot bracelet is a Chinese style and it is very popular with many young people today. It represents the happiness and the best wishes. Next, I will bring you to explore the ways of making the diamond knot bracelet weave. It's very easy and necessary for you to learn well. Let us have a try!

First, we need to prepare the materials. They are the 6th Chinese knot red string and some accessories.

Second, each rope with a line of about 160cm.

Third, fold the line, started knitting the pattern, starting as shown. Uniform the tension, leaving a hole as the buckle.

Fourth, start weaving the second diamond knot, two lines acroos as the following


Fifth, taut two lines and weave the second knot. Cross the two lines, prepare the third diamond knot.

Sixth, taute and complicated. Contiue weaving the bracelet until a half , pentrated to the head accessories.

Seventh, when weave the desired length, start knitting another buckle knot.

Eigth, 2 lines display as shown. The following line rewind through the bicylclic and pentrate the middle of the square hole.

Ninth, rewind another tail to pentrate a square hole.

Tenth, gently pull up turn to the cubic shape. Adjust and tighten. Flat cut the excess wire, stick the tail with glue. It is complicated.