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DIY Strawberry Brooch

You know that whole thing I said yesterday that Im all ready for fall? Well, maybeee that wasn’t 100% true. Or at least I am not at the point where I’m okay with letting go of fruit-themed diys. If you want a fun way to add some cuteness to your wardrobe, you’ll definately want to make these strawberry brooches! Here’s how:

Time: 1 hour (for set of 12, including bake time)
Materials: oven bake clay, cookie cutter, pin back, E-6000 glue, paint

I ended up using a mix of acrylic paint and paint markers to make my strawberry face. I would also recommend not getting Fimo effect clay like pictured above. It was a bit too dry and hard to work with. The soft worked MUCH better!

First roll out your clay and punch your strawberry shape with a cookie cutter. Set on baking pan until you’ve made the amount you wanted. Bake according to clay instructions and let cool.

To paint your face, all you need to draw are two U’s and a smaller U for the mouth. Two dots under the eyes and some green hair will add a bit more personality to your berry! Glue the pin back on, let dry and you’re all set!

This really may just be the cutest project I’ve ever made. I’m considering branching out into other shapes to make a whole fruit family. What do you think?!