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DIY Pretty Vintage Stroybook Brooches

This little DIY couldn't be simpler, all you need is a safety pin, industrial tape, an image you love and some clear nailpolish. I have a lot of vintage kids books laying around, I always feel a little bad cutting them up but I figure the pictures in them are so beautiful they deserve to be shared.


  1. Find a picture you love
  2. Stick it to some cardboard to make it a bit thicker. (I used wood glue but you can use a glue stick)
  3. Cut it out
  4. Turn it over and use thick tape to fix a safety pin to the back
  5. Paint the back with clear nail polish and let it dry
  6. Paint the front with clear nail polish
  7. High five yourself for being super crafty
  8. Upload an image of your finished product to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag Patchwork Cactus in it so I can check it out!

You can make these badges out of any image you want so just have a rummage or draw something.

My sister actually gave me the idea from a project she is doing with children so this is absolutely a child friendly craft activity.


  • The more layers of clear nail polish you use the stronger it will be
  • Don't buy cardboard, an old greeting card or cereal box will do
  • It will probably stink out your house so maybe set up near a window (I painted it in the bathroom with the extractor fan on)

Similar Projects

  • Use a circle or a heart punch and make buttons from pretty patterned paper
  • Turn beautiful photographs into jewellery this way
  • Collage and layer paper for a more three dimensional look
  • Embellish your gift wrapping with these badges (use wrapping paper to make christmas ones)
  • Get your kids to draw tiny pictures of things they love and turn them into pins.