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DIY Neon Pineapple Airplant Holder

Pineapples are having a moment, and I am SO on board with it! They are ridiculously cute, they are delicious, and if you show up to a party with one, people are instantly happy. The studio is filling up with airplants, so we got to creating some new holders for them. How perfect are the airplants as pineapple toppers! Kinda the cutest, right? This time around I used air dry clay, making this a super simple project, but I see potential for a cement or ceramic version, right?



What You Need:
Air Dry Clay
Cutting Knife
Paint Brush

Air Plant 

What You Do:
Step 1: Remove the clay from its package and cut it into two equal squares down the middle.
Step 2: Press your pinky finger into the top of one of the pieces of clay, making sure that you do not poke a hole through the side. Continue to gently mold a hole until you have an opening large enough to fit an air plant.
Step 3: Round the edges of the clay square to create an oval shape.
Step 4: Lightly press the bottom of the clay against a flat surface so that it will stand evenly.
Step 5: Before the clay dries, draw a crosshatch pattern on the front of the airplane holder with the end of a paint brush handle.
Step 6: Let the clay dry for the recommended amount of time on the package.
Step 7: Once dry, paint the planter to resemble a pineapple.
Step 8: Place the air plant in the opening for the cutest pineapple planter ever!