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DIY Necklace Holder

If you like the look of boho decor but don’t appreciate the hefty price tag that usually accompanies it, you’re going to love this easy boho DIY necklace holder tutorial. Made with just a few supplies, it’s a breeze to customize and assemble. The perfect way to hang your jewelry in style!

Materials needed to make your own DIY necklace holder:

  • Assorted Decorative Knobs
  • Decorative Barn Wood Arrow
  • Sawtooth Picture Hangers
  • 2 Inch Cabinet Screws & Nuts
  • Drill


Step One. Don’t you just love all the gorgeous knobs available over at Consumer Crafts? Since they’re originally meant to be used on furniture and cabinets, the screws that they come with are super long so you’ll have to switch them out with shorter ones or cut them to make this DIY necklace holder. I bought adjustable drawer handle screws but you’re more than welcome to use anything else that works!

Step Two. Using a ruler to measure and mark first, drill three evenly spaced holes in the base of the wood arrow. Disassemble the ceramic knobs, replace with a shorter screw, and reassemble on the arrow.


Step Three. Secure with nut. If you used an adjustable screw like I did, snap off the excess screw portion with a pair of pliers.


Step Four. Nail two saw tooth picture hangers to the back frame and hang in your room!