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DIY Magnetic Earring

Give a try for today's project of Magnetic Earring. It's very simple, right?


Polymer Clay

Magnetic Clasp


1. Roll two balls of light pink polymer clay just a little bigger than a pea. A big pea lets say.

2. Shape them into cones keeping the bottom flat against a hard surface.

3. Taking one half of your magnetic clasp press it into the flat side of your cone. Then using the other half of the magnet as leverage pull it back out again.

4. Roll out the yellow polymer clay this time into balls just a little smaller than peas.

5. Push the magnet into these balls and then flatten them down. Make sure you're keeping the magnet concealed at the back.

6. Like before use the other half of the magnet to remove the clasp from the polymer clay.

7. You should now have your earring shapes with little inverted nipple shapes in them. Pop these in a pan (that you will never cook food in again) and boil for half an hour. This stops the clay discolouring (thank you to Caroline for that one!)

8. When your clay is hard and has cooled down glue the magnets back into their holes. Wait to dry and you're ready to go!