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DIY Lace Romper

This project evolved as I worked on it, I wasn't exactly sure what it would look like before I started but it turned out to be exactly what I needed for hanging by the beach or a bit of high summer boat hopping.

DIY lace romper

You need:

  • 2 meters (2.2 yards) of lace fabric
  • 2 meters (2.2 yards) of lining fabric (I used light cotton)
  • ribbon or twine for the waist
  • thread
  • scissors
  • a pair of shorts as a template

When choosing shorts for the template this project, go for something a bit oversized in the waistband. If you don’t have that add a few more inches all the way around to the pattern because what we are aiming for here is an oversized shape that will gather at the waist when tied with ribbon.

lace romper 100

1. Fold your fabric in half and line up your shorts (also folded in half) along the fold with the bottom hem in line with the edge of the fabric.

lace romper 101

2. Cut around the shorts, using them as a guide. In a previous here I used a template, but this time I just used the shorts instead and eyeballed adding a few inches around to allow for the hems etc.

lace romper 102

4. Instead of cutting the fabric to be in line with the waistband of the shorts, I added another 30 cm or so (the space from your waist to your armpit). Cut a second piece exactly the same.

diy lave romper

5. Open the two pieces out and lay them flat against each other like this.

lace romper 104

6. Lay two pieces of lining fabric over the top to fully cover the lace and use the lace as a guide for cutting out the same shape for the lining.

lace romper 105

7. You will then have 4 pieces – 2 lace (the outer shell) and two lining (the inner shell).

lace romper 106

8. Now, lay the pieces on top of each other in this order: lining, lace, lace, lining. Basically you will have the lace encased by lining. Then pin the pieces together all the way along the curved edges. Sew the edges using a zig zag stitch. Choose one side which will become the front of the garment and leave the seam open a few inches (refer to image in step 11 to see why).

lace romper 107

9. Now, this is the tricky bit. Flip the fabric around so instead of the seams being on the sides, they are in the middle. Pin and sew the crotch together. There is another example of me doing this here for those of you that need more visuals.

lace romper 108

10. Your finished product should look like this.

lace romper 109

11. Your romper is starting to look better! Take the time to put it on and play around. If you put it on and it is too big across the back or droops down at the armpits, take it in by sewing a deeper seam for the back – I took mine in a little bit but it will all depend on your body shape.

lace romper 110

12. Once you are happy with the way it sits, turn it inside out and tie the front ties together. When you put it on make sure to tie it tightly so it doesn’t fall down. If you are worried about it riding down, add some simple straps using ribbon or twine (in either normal or halter style), however I found that when I wore a strapless bra and tied the front knot tightly it didn’t fall down. I think again that it will be down to your body shape.

lace romper 111

13. Add the ribbon or twine to give it more shape on your body, trying at the back or in a bow at the front.

lace romper 112

When you wear the romper make sure to gather it at the waist particularly at the front so that the seam which goes all the way up isn’t so obvious.

lace romper 099lace romper 113