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DIY Japanese Obi Panel Skirt

Today we'll show you how to make your own skirt with pieces of vintage Japanese obi fabric that it can be customized to your personal style and taste.

DIY japanese obi panel skirt 1

You need:

  • A piece of obi fabric
  • A black skirt (or a skirt that matches the background of your obi fabric)
  • Scissors
  • Black thread
  • A sewing machine
DIY obi panel skirt a pair and a spare

Click below for the full tutorial

Instead of buying a ready made skirt I picked up a super cheap midi length skirt from my local secondhand store (ahem, $1.50) and turned that into a mini. I love to do this because it allows you to choose your perfect length, and in this way this project is also a before & after, because you all now how much I love a good before & after. You can also just buy one ready made too though.
1. To create the base skirt, I laid a skirt I own over the top of the midi skirt to check the right length, and then cut if off a few inches below to allow for the hem.
DIY obi panel skirt a pair and a spare
2. Iron and then sew the hem to create the perfect length for you.
DIY obi skirt
3. Pin the obi fabric to the front of the skirt, making sure it sits symmetrically, and then sew all the way around the edge. I folded the top edge of the obi fabric over the top of the waistband of the skirt so it looked more complete.
DIY japanese obi panel skirt 2
And there you have it. Such a simple way to create a standout garment for your wardrobe. When I wore it to the event you won’t believe how many people wanted one for themselves – the power of the obi no doubt!
DIY obi panel skirt