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DIY Felt Tree Wall Hanging

Felt. Who knew all I needed to was to find the right colors and I’d find my new favorite craft material? Today, I am sharing this simple and colorful DIY Felt Tree Wall Hanging.


Crafty Wool Felt (Seafoam, Mint, Peppermint,  Emerald Green, Light Coral, Coral)

The Felt Pod Gold Tinsel Felt
Hot Glue Gun
Copper + White Baker’s Twine

DIY Felt Tree supplies
I started off by drawing out the sizes of each tier of the felt tree using my ruler to keep it all even.  Then, I cut out each rectangle to act as my pattern.

Then, using my patterns, I cut out all seven strips of felt and line them up accordingly.

To keep everything secured together, I used the copper + white twine to create a 8-9″ loop.  At the bottom of my tree, I tied a tassel to act as the tree base.

Then, starting at the top, I slowly hot glued each of the felt strips to my twine.  I made a thin line of glue and then placed the twine on top, all the while making sure it was equally spaced and centered.

DIY Felt Tree steps

DIY Felt Tree

I have the perfect spot for this cheerful little Felt tree on the wall by my front door.

DIY Felt Tree

Upon seeing this tree, my four year old daughter exclaimed, “A rainbow xylophone!  I love it, mom!”  Well, it may look like a rainbow xylophone to some but with this year’s bright Christmas colors, I think it will fit in just wonderfully.