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DIY Felt Flower Brooch

This brooch looks very nice. Let us give a try now!

Here’s what you need:

10 cm of thick felt in your color of choice
Embellishments for the wings (rhinestones, embroidery thread, etc.)
Craft wire and two 3mm beads
2 rhinestones: one 3cm-long oval and one 2cm-wide round stone
Brooch pin
Paper and pencil
Strong adhesive or a glue gun

Step 1
You can see all the important measurements in the photo above.
First, draft a template for the wings onto paper using the measurements given. Cut the template out and use it to cut out 4 wings.
Second, cut out 1 oval piece of felt with the measurements given. I know the photo shows 2, but I later discovered you only need one.

Step 2
Time to embellish those wings. As you can see, I used embroidery thread to sew some colorful lines to the outer edge of the wings, and then added some iron-on rhinestones. You can let your imagination run wild and create the butterfly of your dreams here, so get creative!

Step 3
Cut two 10cm-long strips of craft wire. Put the wire through the small 3mm bead and fold the wire in half. Holding the wire ends in one hand start twisting the bead until you get an evenly and strongly twisted antler/antennae for the butterfly. Repeat with the other strip of wire and bead.

Step 4
Now you can put it all together. First, glue the antlers to one end of the oval felt piece. Then, start glueing the wings to the backing. Glue the upper wings first, and then add the lower ones so that they overlap the upper wings by about 1-1.5cm.

Step 5
Once the wings are glued, glue the big rhinestones on top. Let dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 6
Glue the brooch pin to the back of the butterfly. If you want a completely flat brooch, then you’re done. If you’d like a more 3D wings effect, check out the last step.

Step 7
To add a 3D effect to the wings, bend them and then steam from the backside of the wings with an iron. The wings are easily molded with steam, so you can determine how much you want the wings to stay up.