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Custom DIY Ring Holder

This custom DIY ring holder is a great project to make for tweens/teens, newly married friend, or wife because it’s practical and sweet. You could even add a masculine flair by imprinting something like “Man Bling.” How funny would that be?!

Supplies needed to make your own custom DIY ring holder:

  • Foamies® Air Dry Modeling Clay
  • Small Letter Stamps


Step One. Grab a small ball of the modeling clay (little larger than a quarter) and begin working it into a dish shape with your hands. Make sure any surface that comes in contact with the clay is thoroughly cleaned to prevent any small particles being embedded in the dish. Continue working the clay until you’re happy with the size and shape.


Step Two. Use the small stamps to embellish the center of the dish. You’ll want to work somewhat quickly since the clay is still malleable and will lose its shape if you take too long. This is also why you’ll have to press the stamps firmly into the clay.


Step Three. Place clay dish upside down on a round surface to keep it’s shape while drying (I used a round ornament.) After the easy custom DIY ring holder has dried completely, you can either gift as is or use a fine permanent marker to add contrast to the word. Either way you choose, both dishes will look beautiful!


The Season for Love.

I told you this DIY ring holder was easy, right?! It’s a sweet gift by itself or when paired with another jewelry gift. These DIY wrapped wire rings would be great together!

Last Minute Gift Idea: Custom DIY Ring Holder

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have a wonderful holiday season!