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Step 1

String a crimp bead onto the Soft Flex.

Step 2

String one end of the clasp on the Soft Flex. Then go back through the crimp bead, creating a loop around the clasp.

Step 3

Make sure that the wires are lying parallel to each other. Place the crimp bead into the back notch.

Step 4

Squish the crimp bead.

Step 5

Turn the bead a quarter turn and place the crimp bead in the front notch.

Step 6

Gently squish the crimp bead. This will fold the crimped bead over on itself.

Step 7

Use the wire cutter to cut off the small tail of the Soft Flex.

Step 8

Once one end of your piece of jewelry is completed, string your beads onto the Soft Flex.

Step 9

When you have finished stringing all of your beads, use the same crimping technique on the other end of the wire to finish the piece of jewelry.