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Covering a Briolette

Step 1

String one briolette onto one foot of wire.

Step 2

Slide the briolette to the center of the wire.

Step 3

Pull both sides of the wire up - forming the wire to the sides of the hole of the briolette.

Step 4

Use your chain nose pliers to gently squeeze the two pieces of wire together. The wires should be parallel to each other. This will form a small triangle around the top of the briolette.

Step 5

Hold the two wires with your chain nose pliers just above the tip of the briolette.

Step 6

Bend your pliers until the wires are at a right angle.

Step 7

Using you round nose pliers, grasp the wires right at the bend.

Step 8

Pull the wires around the round nose pliers until they are almost pointing directly down.

Step 9

Reposition your pliers by opening your round nose pliers (but do not pull the pliers out of the loop) and pivot your pliers so the bottom tip is on the top. Continue pulling the wires around the nose of the pliers until the loop is completely round.

Step 10

If you are linking this to chain or an ear wire, link before continuing to the next step.

Step 11

To then wrap the loop, continue holding the loop with the round nose pliers and grip the wires with your fingers. Pull the wires around the neck of the triangle bail.

Step 12

Pull the wires back in front of the briolette. The wires should be laying parallel to each other.

Step 13

Pull the wires around the back of the briolette again. Make sure the wires are laying parallel to each other.

Step 14

Continue wrapping the wires around the briolette.

Step 15

Stop wrapping the wires when you have covered as much of your briolette as desired.

Step 16

Cut the wires as close to the briolette as possible. Congratulations! You have successfully covered a briolette!