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Coral Fringe

Step 1

The thread can be the working thread from creating the beadwork, or a fresh, new thread can be added before starting the coral fringe. Begin with the needle and thread exiting the side of a section of beadwork

Step 2

String enough beads to make the coral fringe the desired length. This branch is the longest stem of the coral. The side branches will originate from this main branch.

Step 3

Skip over the last bead strung, and pass back through at least one more bead. To start the branches farther from the bottom of the fringe pass back through more beads. To start the branches closer to the bottom of the fringe pass through less beads.

Step 4

Exiting the bead where you want the branch to begin, string on several beads. Each side branch attaches to the main fringe branch.

Step 6

Pass back through at least one bead in the main fringe branch and exit where you want the next branch to start.

Step 7

Add several beads to make another branch.

Step 8

Skip the last bead and pass through the remaining beads in the branch.

Step 9

Pass through one or more beads in the main fringe branch.

Step 10

Repeat the same steps as used for the two previous side branches, adjusting the length to suit the design. Pass through at least one bead in the main branch.

Step 11

Repeat the same steps again, working closer to the beadwork.

Step 12

Continue until you have added as many side branches as desired, and have passed through all the beads in the main fringe branch so the needle is exiting next to the beadwork.

Step 13

Pass up through the bead adjacent to where the fringe branch is attached. Pass down through the next bead over.

Step 14

Repeat steps 1-13. to create a second branched fringe. To best demonstrate the pattern, the first branch is shown in a lighter color.

Step 15

Continue until you have added the desired amount of fringe.

Step 16

After completing the coral fringe, weave the thread back through the beadwork to finish off your thread.

Step 17

Continue weaving for a few inches until you reach an edge. Use sharp scissors or a thread burner to trim the thread close to the beadwork.

Step 18

Coral or branch fringe is intended to look organic and natural. To achieve that effect, vary both the length of the main branch fringes as well as the pattern and lengths of the side branches. Coral fringe can be added to multiple rows, creating a draping field of fringes.

Step 19

Coral fringe can be added to fewer rows on the edge to create a staggered, open fringe pattern. Here we have given you some ideas of how you can vary your coral fringe.