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Coloring Filigree With Glitter and Acrylic Paint Dabbers

Step 1

You will need an Acrylic Paint Dabber, glitter, one metal filigree, Diamond Glaze and a paint brush.

Step 2

Lay a large piece of wax paper onto the work surface and set the metal filigree on it.

Step 3

Press straight down onto the filigree with the sponge tip of the Acrylic Paint Dabber. You may need to squeeze the dabber to wet the sponge. Dab the entire filigree with paint.

Step 4

Pick up the wet filigree carefully by lifting the edge with tweezers. Hold the edge of the filigree with your thumb and forefinger and blot the backside of the filigree with a paper towel to clear paint out of any holes.

Step 5

Still holding the filigree, use a toothpick to poke through any remaining holes that are still clogged with paint. You can also blow on the filigree to clear out holes that are filled with paint. Set the filigree back down onto the wax paper.

Step 6

Working quickly so that the wet paint on the filigree does not dry, dip a dry paint brush into the pot of glitter, coating the brush very liberally.

Step 7

Hold the paint brush covered in glitter parallel above the filigree. Use your index finger to tap the glitter off of the brush. Repeat Steps 6-7 as many times as necessary to coat the filigree with as much glitter as you prefer.

Step 8

Carefully set the glitter-covered filigree onto wax paper to dry. This will take approximately 5-10 minutes.

Step 9

Once the glittered filigree is dry, seal it by brushing a thin layer of Diamond Glaze onto the filigree.

Step 10

Repeat Steps 4-5 to get excess Diamond Glaze out of the holes in the filigree.

Step 11

Carefully set the filigree onto wax paper to dry. This will take approximately 20 minutes or until the Diamond Glaze appears clear.

Step 12: Optional

Repeat Steps 3-11 on the backside of the filigree.

Step 13

Congratulations! You have successfully colored metal filigree with an Acrylic Paint Dabber and glitter.