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Clay Earrings

When you have free time, you can try this and you will get a lot of fun.

Step 1: What You Will Need

What You Will Need
This is everything you need:
Earring hoops
Two colours of clay
The things I forgot to show in the pictures were:
Thin pen, pencil or paint brush

Step 2: Roll Out Clay

Roll Out Clay
first you need to get two colours of clay and roll them into thin snakes.

Step 3: Cut Them

Cut Them
Now you will need to cut them in half so you have four pieces of clay

Step 4: Twist Together

Twist Together
Next you need to twist them together

Step 5: Roll More

Roll More
Now you can roll them tighter together so you have more twists

Step 6: Twist Around

Twist Around
Now you need to get something thin like a pencil or a paint brush and you need to rap your clay around so you can make it curly.

Step 7: Pins

I Pins
Now we put the eye pins in the top of the clay charm and then you can bake your clay according to the baking times on you clay packet.

Step 8: After Baking

After Baking
2015 13:36.jpg
Now toy have baked them they will look darker and then you will need pliers to open the bottoms of the earring hoops, then you need to loom them though they're pin on the charms and then close it back up.

Step 9: Finished

Now you have finished and your earrings are ready to wear hope you like these and hope you enjoy making them.