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Citrine Jewelry Buying Guide

Citrine Color and Shape

Citrine colors range from a soft, light yellow to a golden-orange. Because of its rich hue, it is often confused with the more expensive topaz. Orange citrine is sometimes referred to as "Madeira citrine," alluding to its likeness in color to Madeira wine.

Jewelers love to use citrine in their designs, so as a result, citrine comes in almost any shape imaginable. This includes oval, round, pear-shaped, heart-shaped, and rectangular. Cushion-cut and emerald-cut citrine display fancier facets to take advantage of the stone's natural radiance.

To create a more casual, fashion-forward look, rough-cut or faceted citrine beads are strung into stretch bracelets or multi-strand necklaces.

Citrine Styles and Motifs

The golden tone of citrine makes it a great medium for starburst motifs and tranquil koi fish. A citrine can also be rather sweet in a heart pendant or a floral design. But if these themes are too whimsical for your taste, you can enjoy the natural beauty of a large citrine stone with one of our classics.

For something singular and sparkling, try a sumptuous citrine solitaire ring or modest citrine pendant. Citrine studswill take you through the day with grace, while citrine drop earrings will illuminate your look during the night. To really take advantage of the abundant glow, go glamorous with a citrine tennis bracelet or necklace.

If a party is your aim, we recommend a chunky silhouette. Imagine wrapping your wrist in the ravishing rays of citrine bead bracelet. And think about all the envious stares you'll get with a citrine torsade! To really complete the look, go with a statement citrine cluster ring of citrine three-stone ring. You won't regret it!

Citrine Settings and Ornamentation

Citrines come in all kinds of popular jewelry metals, such as 14kt-18kt gold and sterling silver. For fashionable affordability, try a sterling silver or vermeil citrine bracelet or necklace. A citrine white gold ring will create contrast and really let the facets shimmer, but a pair of yellow gold citrine earrings will maximize the gem's natural golden glow.

Along with fine metals, citrine is frequently ornamented with luminous diamonds or pearls. Amethyst and citrine is another a fun combination, as the purple and yellow colors play off each other quite nicely. Citrine is also included in the spectrum of rainbow multicolored jewelry, together with other gemstones, such as blue topaz and peridot.