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Celebrity Engagement Rings: Our Top Picks

We all keep a close eye on the activities of celebrities, from political figures to movie stars. And we especially love to follow their fashion and their love lives, hence our obsession with celebrity engagement rings. Here is a list of the best celebrity engagement rings throughout modern history. From the rarest to the biggest celebrity engagement rings, these designs have continued to wow people with their creativity and over-the-top sparkle. And if you like what you see, we offer celebrity inspired engagement rings to satisfy your craving.

 C. 1970 Vintage 2.30 Carat Emerald and 1.60 ct. t.w. Diamond Ring in Two-Tone. Size 6.5 #786827

1. The Most Unique: Emerald Engagement Ring

The swirling bypass-style design features a 2.84 carat emerald and a 2.88 carat diamond among diamond baguettes. And as if the ring couldn't have been more gorgeous, it out-did itself in 1962 with the addition of marquise and round diamonds totaling 2.12 carats.

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C. 1990 Vintage 3.35 ct. t.w. Diamond Ring in Platinum Size 5.5 #768384

2. The Best Heirloom:3.00 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark proposed to Elizabeth with a beautiful, yet surprisingly modest ring. But there is more to it than meets the eye. Set in platinum alongside ten smaller diamonds, the 3.00 carat center stone actually came from Philip's mother's tiara. What a special ring to pass down to future generations!

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3.80 ct. t.w. CZ Eternity Band in Sterling Silver #297922

3. The Most Practical: Baguette Eternity Band

This ring was an engagement and wedding ring all wrapped up in one, with 35 platinum-set baguette diamonds arranged in an eternity design.

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5.40 Carat London Blue Topaz and 1.10 ct. t.w. White Topaz Ring in Sterling Silver #685179

4. The Biggest Trend-Setter: Sapphire Engagement Ring

Prince Charles made history when he proposed to Diana back in February of 1981. Everyone remembers the ring. It showcased a 12.00 carat blue Ceylon sapphire oval in a burst of 14 diamonds. From then on, sapphire became a classic alternative to diamonds and the "Diana-style" became a widely known design. And her legacy still lives on to this day. Prince William, the son of Diana, proposed to Kate Middleton years later with the same legendary celebrity engagement ring.

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C. 1950 Vintage 1.40 ct. t.w. Diamond Ring in Platinum. Size 4.75 #816511

5. The Most Personal: Tablet Diamond Engagement Ring

This is a 16.00 ct. t.w. tablet-shaped diamond ring. With an elongated center stone and diamonds of the highest quality available, the ring is valued at an estimated $500,000.

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12.00 ct. t.w. CZ Ring in Sterling Silver #816070

6. The Biggest Dollar Sign: Oversized Diamond Ring

Richard Burton didn't get Elizabeth Taylor an engagement ring at first. But he made up for it later! Five years into their marriage, he got her the 33.19 carat Asscher-cut diamond ring, famously known as the "Krupp" ring. Today, it would be valued at $8.8 million, reserving its title as the most expensive celebrity engagement ring.