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Cardboard earrings

So unique and elegant, these earrings have been successful on my website and a lot of people asked me how to make some by themselves!I made them with colored paper and cardboard.

Step 1: Materials

2 strips of colored paper (10” long). I use craft quilling paper 3/8-inch.

2 strips of corrugated cardboard 3/8- inch x 10”


2 hypo-allergenic fish hooks earrings

2 jump rings 6 mm

Craft pliers tool

Quilling tool

Step 2: Make 2 rolls with the quilling paper

Trap one strip of paper in the quilling tool and wrap it in twisting gently.

Put a pinch of glue every 2 or 3 twists.

Step 3: Set up the corrugated strips

Pinch a strip of corrugated paper with a plier then wrap it on itself quickly, just to make it more easy to handle/ workable.

Step 4: Roll...

Put a pinch of glue on one corrugated strip then glue one rolled paper.

Step 5: Roll again...

Wrap it around the paper in putting a little bit of glue every half twist.

Maintain a few seconds at the end

Step 6: Add the fish hooks earrings

Open a ring with a plier and insert it in one corrugation. 
Add the fish hook and close the ring.

Do the same thing for the other earrings!