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Black and White Earring Project

Quick formal earrings are a snap to make - Swarovski filigrees and teardrop crystals stand out against the sterling silver findings.

1) Take one Headpin, and thread on oneTear Drop Bead (A). With your Chain and Round Nose Pliers, make a wrapped loopwith the remaining Headpin wire, making sure to attach the loop to one of theloops on the filigree before wrapping and closing the loop completely.

2) Look at the back of the filigree with the wrapped loop attached. Trace an imaginaryline from the loop that the wrapped loop is attached to, to the loop directlyabove it. Open the connector loop on the Crystal Stone Post (B), and attachthis connector loop to that loop on the back of the filigree directly above theloop that has the wrapped loop around it.

3) Repeat all of these steps again to create the other earring.

Quantity of Items Needed

2 Swarovski Tear Drop Beads 5500 9x6mm Jet (A)
2 Earring with 4mm Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver (B)
2 Swarovski Filigree Bead 60860 Sterling Plated Jet/Crystal (C)
2 Head Pin - Bali Style 2" 22 gauge Sterling Silver (D)
2 Ear Backs Medium 5.5mm Sterling Silver (E)