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Biconed Pewter Necklace

Quantity of Items Needed

SwarovskiCrystal Bicone Beads 5328 10mm Crystal AB (A)
SwarovskiCrystal Bicone Beads 5328 4mm Light Rose AB  (B)
Connector -Flower 7x13mm Pewter Antique Silver Plated (C)
Head Pin1.5" 21 gauge Silver Plated (D)
Jump Ring - Open4mm Silver Plated (E)

Jump Ring - Open7mm Silver Color (F)

Clasp - SpringRing 7mm Silver Plated (G)


1) Take D and thread A and B onto it. Cut off all but 3/8" of the excesswire with Plier. Create a loop at the end using a Plier. Open one E, and attachthe biconed head pin along with two Cs. Close E.

2) Connect 13 more Cs to each of the two Cs that were attached to the jump ringwith the biconed head pin. Connect each of the C to each other with a E. Whenyou are finished, each half of the necklace should have 14 C connected to eachother.

3) Take another E and open. Attach to one of the ends of the necklace ( C ) andG. Close E.

4) Take one of the remaining three Es and attach to the other end of thenecklace. Before closing this E, attach one of the F. Open second to last E andattach to the F in the previous sentence. Before closing THIS E, attach anotherF. Close the E.

To Finish.
5) Open the last E and as before, attach to the second F. Before closing thisjump ring, attach the last F and then close the jump ring ( E ).