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Bent Head Pin Bail

Step 1

Slide one 3" head pin through the front of a center drilled bead.

Step 2

Measure the distance between the bead hole and the edge of the bead.

Step 3

Using the tips of your chain nose pliers, grasp the head pin at the same distance from the bead that you measured in step 2.

Step 4

With your finger, push the wire to a 90° angle.

Step 5

Using your round nose pliers, grasp the wire right at the bend.

Step 6

Pull the wire around the round nose pliers until it is almost pointing directly down.

Step 7

Reposition your pliers by opening your round nose pliers (but do not pull the pliers out of the loop) and pivot your pliers so the bottom tip is on the top.

Step 8

Continue pulling the wire around the nose of the pliers until the loop is completely round.

Step 9

To then wrap the loop, grip the loop with the chain nose pliers and grip the wire with your fingers.

Step 10

Wrap the wire around the head pin. Continue wrapping the wire down to the bead.

Step 11

Using the wire cutters, cut off the extra wire as close as you can to the bead.

Step 12

Use your fingers to bend the wrapped wire at a 90° angle so that the back of the bead is parallel to the wrapped wire.

Step 13

This is what the bail should look like after you have bent the wrapped wire.

Step 14

Congratulations, you have now created a bent head pin bail!