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Beach Day Earring Project

Quick to make and fun to wear these gold colored wire hoops are accented with turquoise beads and padparadscha colored Swarovski Crystals.

1)Pick up one of the wire hoops and thread on a 2.5mm Gold bead, a Padparadscha briolette, another 2.5mm Gold bead, and a Turquoise bead. Repeat this pattern over and again until you have six Turquoise beads, seven Padparadscha briolettes, and fourteen 2.5mm Gold beads threaded onto the wire hoop.

2) Repeat step #1 to thread the other wire hoop.

3) With your Chain Nose pliers, bend the flattened end of the wire, and then bend up the other end of the wire hoop approximately at the 1/4" mark. Repeat this step for the other wire hoop. Done!

Quantity of Items Needed

28 Round Bead 2.5mm Gold Plated
14 Swarovski Briolette Bead 5040 4x3mm Padparadscha
12 Simulated Turquoise Beads 4mm
2 Wire Hoop 1-1/4" Gold Color