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Ball Head Pin

Step 1

To turn on your torch, pull down on the safety to release.

Step 2

Push trigger to ignite the torch. Hold trigger in to keep flame on.

Step 3

For a continuous flame, push the "continuous" button in while holding the trigger in.

Step 4

To make the headpins, cut fine silver wire in equal lengths.

Step 5

Turn on the torch, keeping it facing away from you. Using the continuous flame will allow you to keep your hands free.

Step 6

Grab a piece of cut fine silver wire at the tip with your chain nose pliers. Slowly put the other end of the wire into the flame.

Step 7

As the wire heats, the end will start to ball up. This can happen very fast especially if it is thin wire.

Step 8

When you have made the size ball that you want, take the wire out of the flame and drop it into your quenching bowl. Congratulations - you have made a ball headpin!