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Autumn Drops Earring Project

Learn how to DIY autumn drops earring project is here. How do you like it? Now, we will show you the specific method of DIY it! Let's get started。

1) Open the loop on each of the clip earrings and attach the links to each of them (Make sure that the links are facing the right way before closing the loop on the clip earrings).

2) Open the two jump rings and use these to attach the briolettes to the other loop on the ends of links. Close the jump rings securely and you're done!

Quantity of MaterialsNeeded
2 Clip Earring with Ring 6.5mm Silver Color
2 Leaf Connector 24x8mm Pewter Antique Silver Plated
2 Jump Ring - Open 5mm Antique Silver Plated
2 Swarovski Briolette Pendant 6010 11x5.5mm Crystal Astral Pink