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Animal Jewelry Can Update Your Look

Want a simple, yet stylish way to update your look without having to revamp your entire wardrobe? Try accessorizing your most basic wardrobe essentials with animal jewelry and you've got a whole new look. The key to looking contemporary, polished and put-together without going overboard is to pick one fun, animal-inspired piece and stack or layer it with your current, classic go-to jewels.

Whatever you fancy, make a statement with eye-catching animal and critter jewelry drawn from nature and rendered in exquisite colored gemstones and diamonds, gold and sterling silver. Here are some of our favorites to get you started:

Butterflies #821736


Known for their vibrant colors and elegant beauty, butterflies make an ideal motif for jewelry designs. To add a bit of whimsy and feminine flair to your wardrobe, try abutterfly pin or butterfly pendant necklace. The fluttering little critters also make adorable earrings, rings, or charms, suitable for both young ladies and mature women. And if you like this motif, browse our whole insect jewelry collection, which features other favorites, such as beetles, bees, and dragonflies.

Cats #820725


Since the time of the Egyptians, cats have been treasured for their graceful form and mysterious nature. It's no surprise that cats have become one of the most popular symbols in jewelry. If you love cats and want to bring the adorability factor to your attire, try cat pendants and pins that feature a lovable house "kitty." If you are going for something more edgy, try a ferocious pantherleopard, or tiger bracelet or ring. No matter your choice, any piece of cat jewelry is sure to bring some sass to even the most reserved outfits.

Snakes #818040


Snakes are some of the fiercest and most feared creatures of the animal kingdom. Their appearance in jewelry design with the "serpentine" trend has created a look that is striking, and yet, strangely chic. With a slithering, curvaceous form, snakes bring an edgy elegance to bracelets, necklaces, rings, and even earrings. So be daring and wrap yourself in beguiling snake jewelry.

Birds #827145


Known for their grace and vibrancy, birds make a lovely jewelry motif. Bold colors and feathery textures evoke a certain charm and beauty. Sometimes jewelry designers exaggerate features and create quirky expressions to insight playfulness. One particular kind of bird, the owl, has become a popular jewelry symbol, representing wisdom and knowledge. From rings, to pins, to pendants, to earrings, there is a little something for everyone in our bird jewelry collection.

Starfish #239127


Beautiful stars of the sea! Starfish have made their mark on jewelry, providing a nautical vibe which calls to mind the warm nostalgia of summer. Whether you are looking for something to wear to the beach or would just like to take a piece of the shore with you, starfish jewelry is right for you. 

Frogs #812200


Since the fairytale of the Frog Prince, frogs have taken on an aura of magic and whimsy, especially in jewelry. These fanciful little critters make cute rings and pendants, and are sometimes found on pins and earrings. If being charming is your aim, frog jewelry is the way to go.

Fish #818077


A staple of relaxation, fish bring a certain Zen-like element to jewelry with their fluid and peaceful form. Whether it's an angel fish or a koi fish, you'll love the movement it creates on a ring, necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings. Some even feature vibrant gemstone embellishments, creating a touch of playful imagination.

 Elephants #786426


In some Asian cultures, elephants are considered to be a symbol good fortune. This comes from the Hindu deity, Genesha, who sports the head of an elephant. Many believe that if an elephant's trunk is pointed upwards, luck will be on your side. So bring a good luck charm to your attire with one of our elephant pendants, rings, or necklaces.

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