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Andrea Candela Jewelry

Andrea Candela Jewelry Design Philosophy

Inspired by the beauty and heritage of Spain, the Andrea Candela Collection showcases fine craftsmanship and signature styling. The unique rope-edge design has become a trademark of the Andrea Candela Collection and lends each piece a luxurious "old world" feel. Using brilliantly colored stones and rich, textured precious metals, Andrea Candela jewelry makes a bold style statement for today's fashion-conscious woman.

About Andrea Candela Jewelry

For almost 70 years, the Candela family of Valencia, Spain has been known for its master jewelry-making skills and long history of creating exquisite gold heirlooms. So it was no surprise when daughter Andrea Candela was inspired to create her own line of signature jewels. Today, the Andrea Candela Collection carries on the traditional European appeal of early Candela creations, while incorporating the best of today's fashion trends.