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Americana Charm Bracelet Project

Celebrate America's birthday with this cane glass charm bracelet!

1) Pour out all of your Cane Glass Beads and make three separatepiles for the three different colors of Czech Fire Polished Donuts. Take one ofthe Headpins (F) and thread on one Czech F.P. Donut (whichever color you sochoose) followed by one Cane Glass Bead and another Czech F.P. Donut in thecolor that you first strung onto the Headpin. Use your Chain Nose and RoundNose pliers to make a simple loop, cutting off any excess wire along the waywith your Side Cutters.

2) Open the simpleloop that you just created slightly with your Chain Nose pliers, and attach toone of the links on the bracelet. Make sure to close the loop securely.

3) Continuethreading on the Czech F.P. Donuts and Cane Glass Beads onto the remaining 33Headpins the same way that you did in step #1. Attach each of your finishedHeadpins to the bracelet on various links (don't feel that you have to gosystematically down the line). You can always attach two (or three) Headpins tothe same link to give the bracelet more body when you're wearing it.

4) Make sure thatall of the simple loops are closed securely, and the bracelet is ready to wear.(Also, for those who have smaller wrists, the lobster claw clasp can easilyattach to any of the links on the bracelet, and if this is the case, attach oneof the beaded Headpins to the connector so that you can have a drop at the endof your bracelet!)

Quantity of Items Needed
1 Bracelet CurbLink Silver Color (A)
2 Packages of Cane Glass Beads - Red - White and Blue Mix (B)
24 Czech FirePolished Donut 3x5mm Crystal (C)
24 Czech FirePolished Donut 3x5mm Sapphire (D)
24 Czech FirePolished Donut 3x5mm Ruby (E)
36 Head Pin1.5" 21 gauge Silver Plated (10-Pcs) (F)