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​Paper Partition For Jewelry

This idea might be useful to store your jewelry organized,easy to see and take out .I only use the paper and box.

Step 1: How to make

How to make
017.JPG 63.jpg

What you need

  • slightly thick paper (I used bio top color 160g/㎡・0.214mm)
  • a shallow box (I used a old flat wooden container.)

How to make

  1. Cut the paper according to the size of box, and fold it.
  2. Just repeat a mountain fold and a valley fold one sheet of paper.
  3. And put it into a box.

Please add paper according to your jewelry you want to storage.

Step 2: Store your jewelry in this way

Store your jewelry in this way
017.JPG 1.jpg
Jewelry partition made of paper can storage any size of necklace, because it's size adjustable.

It's more like an accordion-type.

Step 3: Others


This paper partition be able to apply in various ways, for example like the stuff sometime hard to organize like jewelry making tools.